Carolina Reapers Swing


When Carolina Reapers Swing take the stage, you know what to expect: irresistible swing, boundless energy, a good dose of madness, but also a unique repertoire, a touch of finesse, irrepeatable moments – and the certainty of wanting to dance to their music to the very last note.

The septet, formed in 2016, is now a favorite among European swing dancers, and is on the bill of festivals in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Athens, Sofia, Vilnius, Geneva, Warsaw, Valencia, Rome, Turin, Bern, Krakow, Stuttgart, etc., as well as all over France.

Their repertoire combines arrangements from the Swing Era with improvisation on the era’s favorite standards.

A team of gifted, creative soloists, backed by a pure swing rhythm section: trumpeter Guillaume Gardey de Soos, trombonist Sami Khalfoune, saxophonist Mickaël Pernet, pianist Joseph Vu Van, guitarist and singer Charles Huck, drummer Arthur Defrain, and Fernando Morrison, double bassist and band leader.

Surprising performances, full of spontaneity, where sparkling personalities, inventive solos, hypnotic riffs and charming vocals make each Carolina Reapers Swing show unique and full of life.

Live on Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 8 p.m. on the Promenade du Peyrou, to close the festival.