Alice & Rémy


Internationally renowned dancers, Alice Mei and Remy Kouakou Kouame were both already known and recognized before forming this duo. Together, we discover them more musical, precise and stylish than ever! Alice’s quick footwork combined with Remy’s legendary relaxation creates an overflowing but controlled energy, which always comes and goes at the right moment. A crazy creativity, always at the service of the music and the show.

These two have found each other: a sense of show and rhythm, they alternate solo moments and couple passes that showcase all their abilities. Charismatic, they send communicative smiles!

Alice started dancing at the age of 4. From age 4 to 14, she had the honor of playing almost every Disney character from “Dopey” to “Tinker-Bell.”

She finally joined a national dance school for another 4 years where she practiced daily classical, contemporary and jazz dance. Slowly getting exhausted with these dance styles, she started looking for something new. After a few unsuccessful attempts at African dance, flamenco and kick boxing, she finally met her true love, the Lindy Hop!

Meanwhile, Alice was studying to become an architect and working in the beautiful south of France. She was dividing her time between dance and architecture when the opportunity arose for her to dance full time. With some fear and hesitation, she took the plunge and pursued what she loved most. Since then, she has been touring and teaching Lindy Hop full time.

She won the “Dancer’s Choice Award” at ULHS in 2006. In class, she teaches the same principles she cherishes as a dancer and focuses primarily on simplicity and rhythm.

Rémy fell into the pot of Swing dances at a very young age. Distinguished competitor, he has many prestigious titles such as French Champion and World Champion of Boogie Woogie.
For several years now, he has also distinguished himself in teaching and thus travels to the largest international festivals in order to share and transmit his passion and knowledge. What he likes to share most of all is the joy that dance gives us. He fights against the intellectualization of dance and militates for fun and feeling. For him dancing is… living… expressing himself!