Come and celebrate the African roots of swing dances, with the Hodi Maputo Afro Swing collective!

This collective of dancers and musicians are leaders of the Afro Swing current, a current that explores the vernacular roots of Swing and Lindy Hop. They criss-cross Europe and the world to discuss and share this story…a long story between the African people and the rest of the world.

See you on November 6 and 7, 2021, at the Maison pour Tous George Sand and at Parc Rimbaud, in the Aubes district, to meet and share the dance floor with these three artists with wonderful energy.

This event is part of the AFRICA MONTPELLIER season.

SWINGING AFRICA MONTPELLIER is made possible thanks to Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and the City of Montpellier.

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Dance teacher Eugenio Macuvel

Eugênio has been a choreographer since the age of 14 and artistic director of the Hodi Maputo Afro Swing company since its creation in 2014.

Dancing and singing were an integral part of her childhood; from an early age Eugênio showed incredible artistic abilities. He was part of the collective “Crianças da Paz” (children of peace) with the Manhiça twins at the age of 12 and became the young choreographer of Wuchene, at the age of 14.

Elias and Augusto Manhica

Elias and Augusto are also known as ‘Gêmeos Manhiça’ (the Manhiça twins).

They were born into a culturally rich family and founded their first cultural collective in 2003 called “Crianças da Paz” (Children of Peace) where music, song and dance were given pride of place.


Little Guinguette

Little Guinguette takes us back to the days when Swing was all the rage in the smoky bars of Harlem and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. From Billie Holiday to Sidney Bechet via Joséphine Baker, the trio from Montpellier brilliantly interprets the great Jazz standards as well as the little forgotten treasures of the 1930s and 1940s.

Montpellier Syncopathic Orchestra

The Syncopatic Orchestra is a traditional jazz group that draws its influences and spirit from New Orleans orchestras and musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke and Benny Goodman.

Back to Bix

Halfway between a brass band and chamber jazz, Back To Bix pays homage to the traditional jazz of New Orleans and Chicago. The Montpellier quintet finds its inspiration in the masters of traditional jazz or the “old style”: Bix Beiderbeck, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Noone, Duke Ellington…


The HODI MAPUTO AFRO SWING offers 8 hours of dance instruction: 4 hours are dedicated to Mozambican Wajaba and Ngalanga dances and 4 hours to Afro swing.

The objective of the course is to explore the African roots of swing dances: in their movements but especially in the rhythms. This work is organized around the practice of traditional dances from Mozambique and the practice of Solo Jazz on African music.

These classes are open to all practitioners with dance experience.

Festival Saturday program

10 a.m .: Dance from Mozambique WAJABA
2 hours / 15 €
Home for all George Sand

12:30 p.m .: Concert by Little Guinguette – Refreshment bar & Food truck – Dance floor
Open to everyone

2:30 p.m.: AFRO SWING
2 hours / 15 €
Home for all George Sand

7 p.m .: AFRO SWING evening
Back to Bix concert
€10 / €14
House for all George Sand – Closing 11 p.m.

Program of 7/11/21

10 a.m .: AFRO SWING
2 hours / 15 €
Home for all George Sand

12:30 p.m .: Syncopatic Orchestra concert – Refreshment bar & food truck – Dance floor
Open to everyone

2 p.m.: Dance from Mozambique NGALANGA
2 hours / 15 €
Home for all George Sand

4 p.m .: Solo Jazz Initiation
Open to everyone


Home for all George Sand
25 Av. Saint-André de Novigens,
34000 Montpellier

Public transport access

Bus no. 14: Foyer des Aubes stop

Tramway n°1: Léon Blum station (bus n°14 connection)

Tramway n°4: Les Aubes stop