Marie N'diaye

Marie N’diaye


Marie N’diaye has been teaching Lindy Hop since 2007. Working with many different partners (Madrid-based Felix Berghall, London-based Stephen Atemie and Berlin-based Felipe Braga), she has taught a variety of styles and tempos, from the embrace of slow drag to the breathtaking speed of fast Lindy Hop!

Marie N’diaye is a choreographer, performer, jazz dance educator and dance researcher. She specializes in jazz dance (African American Jazz), including the partnered form (Lindy Hop), focusing on the heritage of Harlem dancers from the Savoy Ballroom as well as the tradition of chorus lines from nightclubs and theaters (such as the Apollo Theater, the Cotton Club, Connie’s Inn….) and applied his scientific method and dance teaching to conduct research based on the embodied practice of jazz dance through the study of original video clips and collaborations with elders and other established dancers.

Marie is the founder of the non-profit organization Collective Voices for Change, which promotes cultural appreciation and respect for African-American jazz dance. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund, whose mission is to support and promote black dancers and artists in their practice, interpretation and transmission of jazz dances, particularly Lindy Hop.

She completed her Master’s degree in Dance Anthropology & Ethnochoreology in 2023, as part of the international ERASMUS program: “Choreomundus” involved in safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).