María (Spain) and Aurélien (Sui)


Originally from Valencia, María discovered Lindy Hop in her favorite city, Barcelona. María has been dancing since she can remember. That is to say ! Graduated in ballet and contemporary dance at the Professional Dance Conservatory of Valencia but also at the London Contemporary Dance School, María dedicates her personal and professional life to movement, sometimes as a dancer, sometimes as a teacher or assistant choreographer. Lindy Hop made its appearance during his twenties, taking lessons in Barcelona, then throughout Europe. The expressive and creative possibilities of this dance fascinate María, especially the acting, the quality of the connections, the dialogue through improvisation.

Born in Switzerland, Aurélien comes from a family of musicians. It is quite naturally that he discovered jazz there through the practice of the violin and then the saxophone. It is just as naturally that music leads him to dance; to the bodily expression of the musical experience. It was in Barcelona that Aurélien discovered Lindy Hop. He trained with enthusiastic and talented teachers such as Gustav Jakobsson and Hector Artal, who transmitted to him the pleasure of dancing and the desire to constantly improve. Over the years, the expression of swing grew and became more refined, leading him to make it his professional activity as a dancer, choreographer and performer.