Ksenia (RUS)


Ksenia Parkhatskaya is an internationally renowned artist known to be one of the best Jazz dancers in the world. She is not only a very prominent artist (with her 200 million views on the internet) but she also demonstrates great artistic versatility through singing, dancing, choreography, music and acting.

Born in Leningrad, Ksenia grew up in Saint Petersburg. She began ballroom dancing there at the age of 6 and took part very early in many competitions. Perfectionist and competitor, she completes her training by exploring many dances during festivals in which she participates. The discovery of social dances and Lindy hop will be a revelation, and will definitely guide his professional life.

Specializing in solo jazz, she excels in all the expressive dances of the early 20th century: Charleston, Swing, Jazz Roots, Ragtime, Bebop, Lindy hop. She pursues her thirst for learning by exploring African dances or even house, which enrich her repertoire of movements and her style in general.

Ksenia leads numerous collaborations as a dancer and/or choreographer on the occasion of opera productions (with the Orchester Opéra de Paris), jazz concerts (Barcelona Jazz Orchestra – Spain, Paul Dunlea Big Band – Ireland and Georgyi Garanyan Big Band – Russia), TV shows (So You Think You Can Dance (UA & RUS)), plays (“Radio Hermitage”) and even short films (“Paris you got me” by Julie Boehm).

Founder of the online dance school “Secret of Solo”, she does us the honor of coming to teach and perform in Montpellier, a city she knows well having stayed there many times.