The village is the headquarters for the public and guests! It is located at the heart of the festival.

It consists of a market, the central bar, food-trucks, relaxation areas…

In short, it is the place where festival-goers and visitors live…

Swinging Montpellier 22 International Swing Music and Dance Festival

The eco-responsibility of the Festival and the minimization of the impacts on our environment are at the heart of our action. We develop concrete solutions:

– Water management: dry toilets, wastewater recycling…

– Incentives for soft mobility: accessible by public transport, on-site bicycle garage, lockers, etc.

– Sourcing of products and providers that are local and regional

– Waste reduction and sorting: reusable and recyclable products

– No single-use plastic: sale of metal bottles at cost price

– Information and prevention actions

Swinging Montpellier 22

The central bar is the place for conviviality and meetings. Particular attention is given to its layout and the products offered. Our wines as well as the sparkling or effervescent drinks (sparkling water, effervescent wine, beer) are local or regional, we do not sell plastic bottles but reusable metal bottles. The glasses are all reusable and the waste is sorted or returnable.

Eat at the food trucks of the swing music and dance festival, Swinging Montpellier

Food trucks for on-site catering. Relaxation areas for chilling out on one of the most remarkable squares in Montpellier

Swinging Montpellier 22

The central stage hosts 5 free live concerts:

– Friday evening

– Saturday lunch and Saturday evening

– Sunday lunch and Sunday evening

Swinging Montpellier 22

A relaxation area has been specially designed for chilling out on one of the most remarkable squares in Montpellier, lulled by Swing music.

Swinging Montpellier 22

You will find in the official store all the products of the Swinging Montpellier festival: water bottle, canvas bag, glass, t-shirt, ashtray, mask, bag, cap, poster of the festival…

Swinging Montpellier 22

Access :

  • Streetcar Line 4 (stop Peyrou – Arc de Triomphe)
  • Bus : 6 – 7 (stop Peyrou – Arc de Triomphe)

Parking :

  • Parking Arc de Triomphe (Avenue Foch)
  • Parking Préfecture (Place des Martyrs de la Résistance)
  • Parking des Arceaux (Place des Arceaux)
  • Parking Pitot(Rue du Carré du Roi)
Swinging Montpellier 22

The information point and the reception of the festival-goers: the HQ of the organization is in the center of the village! You can pick up your wristbands to access the classes and your access for the parties and concerts. We will provide you with all the information about the festival. It is also the place of deposits, which is reserved for the festival-goers (2 €)

Swinging Montpellier 22

Water points:

– municipal fountains on the Promenade du Peyrou

– network fountain installed at the central bar where metal bottles are available for sale

Toilets :

– dry toilets installed in the festival area

– public toilets near the Promenade du Peyrou

Swinging Montpellier 22

The event follows the health conditions related to the COVID 19 health crisis. Hydroalcoholic gel is available on each dance floor. All dancers are asked to wash their hands at least once before and after each class. Masks are available for sale at the store.

Swinging Montpellier 22

First aid station installed in the festival village.

Security service / SIAP agent: a security service is present on the site.


ACCESS MAP to the festival

promenade du peyrou

The favorite walk of the Montpellier inhabitants

Thanks to its location and the exceptional view it offers, the Place du Peyrou is an emblematic place of Montpellier. The last royal square built in France, it has the particularity of being a tree-lined esplanade of 3 hectares located at the periphery of the Ecusson at its highest point.

Belvedere widely open to all horizons, it hosts an equestrian statue of Louis XIV, which Jean Giral, the architect, will complete in 1774. The triumphal arch and the water tower that extends the aqueduct are models of classical architecture.

In 1685, Louis XIV designated Montpellier to receive an equestrian statue in his effigy. To build a royal square, the most complete expression of the monarchic glory speech, means to create a worthy setting for the statue of the sovereign. The earthworks and enlargement began in 1689.

It is only 75 years later, under the reign of Louis XVI, in 1766, that the embellishment works are launched. Completed in 1775, the Place Royale du Peyrou was considered one of the most beautiful squares in the kingdom, thanks to its location and the exceptional view it offers.